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Annapolis Kickboxing

Who Else Wants To Learn The Most Devistating Stand Up Art on The Planet

annapolis kickboxing

Learn Devistating Kicks and Punches While Getting The Most Envigorating Workout of Your Life - Guaranteed

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What is Muay Thai Kickboxing?

Muay Thai kickboxing is a combat sport historically practiced in Thailand. It’s built around stand-up striking with clinching techniques and it is derived from the Muay Martial Arts. Emphaticlly called "the art of eight limbs", the combining of powerful kicks, punches, knees, and elbows allow for a variety of striking that makes it a very effiecient and the most devistating stand up fighting system on the planet.

Those trying Annapolis Kickboxing will be trained in all aspects of Muay Thai. The variety of moves gives the student a lot of different options in terms of how to attack and defend against the full array of moves from an opponent.


What Will You Learn at Annapolis Kickboxing

Aggressive Techniques:

  • Punching, or “chok,” is a part of Muay Thai kickboxing that has grown and expanded in recent years. Originally, the punching was a minor part of the discipline and the techniques were defined as crosses and circular strikes with a straight arm. It is interesting to note that as Muay Thai kickboxing became more popular and expanded around the world, it began to incorporate more Western martial arts and thus more punches. The category of punches now includes jabs, crosses, hooks, swings, spinning backfists, uppercuts and the cobra punch.

The cobra punch is a specialized technique that is also known as a superman punch or a falcon punch. Other nicknames for the move include the jumping punch or driving punch. This move begins with a fake kick, then uses the motion of the body to drive the full body into the punch.

  • The elbow, or “ti sok,” can be used in a wide variety of fashions in order to attack the opponent. There are elbow slashes, horizontal elbows, uppercut elbows, forward and reverse elbow thrusts, spinning elbows, elbow chops, double elbow chops and mid-air elbow strikes. One of the traditional goals in elbow strikes is to draw blood above the eye and impede the opponent’s vision. However, at times, the elbow can be used as part of a combination attack that begins with a punch or an elbow, and then follows up with a second elbow.

annapolis kickboxing

  • Kicking, or “te,” is obviously a huge component of Muay Thai kickboxing. When you learn kickboxing from us at Annapolis Kickboxing, you’ll certainly learn plenty of kicking moves. The most popular kicks in Muay Thai are the foot jab and the diagonal kick, which moves in the shape of a triangle. There is also a roundhouse kick. Other kicking moves include the straight kick, the half-shin or half-knee kick, the reverse roundhouse kick, the down roundhouse kick, the axe heel kick, the jump kick and the step-up kick.
    • With the foot, there are a handful of moves, but the foot jab or foot thrust is one of the main ones. It is usually a defense mechanism, which can be used in order to block an opponent’s strike or to control how much distance is in between the combatants. Other foot moves include the jumping foot thrust, slapping foot thrust, reverse foot thrust and sideways food thrust.

annapolis kickboxing


  • The knee, or “Ti Khao,” can be used in several different fashions. The jumping knee strike is one of the main moves, which takes place when the fighter jumps with one leg and strikes from the other. The flying knee strike comes at the end of one or more steps, while the straight knee strike is a simpler knee move. There is also the diagonal knee strike, the curving knee strike, the horizontal knee strike, the knee slap, the knee bomb and the step-up knee strike.

    annapolis kickboxing


  • Clinching is also a big part of Muay Thai kickboxing, and unlike other disciplines that separate two combatants when they clinch, they continue onward in Muay Thai. Opponents typically try to grapple with an opponent until they can get them in a position to use the knee or elbow with an offensive strike.
    • There are several varieties of the clinch, which can be used to set up other strikes and aggressive techniques.

annapolis kickboxing



Defensive Techniques:

  • Blocking is also a big part of Muay Thai kickboxing, though, and it can be broken down into a number of different strategies. The first is a hard block, which simply uses a body part to block the opponent’s strike from landing on its main target.
  • There are also redirection moves in Annapolis Kickboxing, which will use less force and try to change the direction of the opponent’s strike. The goal is to make it miss the target, while risking less injury by not blocking as aggressively.
  • Another option in Annapolis Kickboxing is avoidance, in which the combatant on the defensive tries to move a body part out of the way while staying in close enough range to perform a counter strike. This can be a great way to transition quickly from defense to offense.
  • Evasion takes it a step farther and is a method of moving the body outside of the range of a strike, in order to play it a bit safer. On the flip side, disruption can be used to preemptively attack a defender. Even a relatively minor move can provide distraction and disrupt the opponent from a planned move.
  • Anticipation is yet another option, which amounts to knowing what the opponent is going to do before they do it. This can enable them to go on the counter-attack before the opponent even lands the blow. That can, in turn, cause disruption to the opponent’s techniques and be highly effective.


What are the Benefits of Annapolis Kickboxing?


There are a lot of different benefits of Annapolis Kickboxing, including both physical and mental benefits. There are really three different categories of benefits that can be described separately. Those who train and fight in the Muay Thai technique can see an improvement in their physical health and mental health, while also giving themselves a great means of self-defense. As a result, more and more people are flocking to Muay Thai to see how much they can improve themselves in those categories. It’s also fun, and provides an opportunity to socialize and meet people.

  • Improved Physical Health - Your conditioning will improve dramatically from kickboxing, as it is great exercise and it really uses the entire body. Muay Thai kickboxing strikes all originate from the core muscles, so you’ll be putting your hips and core into your punches. As a result, it’s a full body workout. Research in recent years has shown that utilizing the full body and the core muscles is critical to getting the most out of workouts.
  • Improved Conditioning - you’ll likely find that you have more and more stamina from Annapolis Kickboxing. That can be noticed while practicing and competing in martial arts, and in other sports and activities as well.
  • Weight Loss is a big benefit of Annapolis Kickboxing for those looking to burn more calories and get into shape. It’s been shown to burn as much as 800 calories per hour, which puts it on par with some of the most intense, productive workouts that are available.
  • Enhanced Agility and Coordination. Because you’ll be moving around quickly, you should improve your agility. You can also train your muscles to be able to react more quickly. Meanwhile, you’ll be using your hand eye coordination to strike at specific targets. That will improve your coordination over time, and you may see this trickling over into your day-to-day life.
  • Improved Posture - as a full body workout can improve muscle groups that enhance your posture. These are often ignored due to stagnant lifestyles, but Annapolis Kkickboxing can activate them. The fact that it goes after some of the muscle groups that do not get enough attention makes it extremely valuable as a fitness tool.
  • Increased Energy Levels - When combined together, all of the physical gains from Annapolis Kickboxing can lead to an increase in energy each day. You’ll be getting in a good sweat and getting rid of toxins as a result, and improving your cardiovascular health and shedding extra weight can also give you more energy as well. This will bleed over into your day-to-day life, making you more productive and more active.
  • Self-Confiedence - This can come in multi ways. The first can come as a result of improving your physique. This makes you feel better about yourself and increases your confidence. In addition, because endorphins are released during the workout, you will have more confidence from that as well. In addition, you’ll be able to go through life with more self-esteem because of your improved ability to defend yourself from any situations may arise.
  • Stress Reduction - Release stress and frustration through Annapolis Kickboxing. It can serve as an outlet to help you clear your mind and get rid of stress. Instead of taking that built up frustration with you and letting it impact you all day or all night, you can take it out on the punching bag and get a good workout in the process. Getting rid of these emotions and stresses can make you more productive mentally. As a result, you may be able to get more done in the workday while worrying less. That’s something that everyone can benefit from!
  • Self-Discipline is also a big component in the martial arts, and it has tangible benefits outside of the sport as well. You may find yourself more committed to eating healthy or to getting stuff done on time. In addition, using a disciplined approach to your outlook on various things may make you more positive. That can go hand-in-hand with your newly improved confidence, as well. Improvements in self-discipline can also manifest themselves in better study habits for students, and in enhanced concentration. It can help you to really attack things head on mentally.
  • Self Defense - In addition to the physical and mental aspects of it, you will also be safer and safer as you advance in Muay Thai kickboxing. Because you are well versed in such a varied discipline, you should be able to handle a variety of attacks and respond in kind. You will have the full-body health, the mental toughness and the physical capability to defend yourself in any situation that arises. Not only can Annapolis Kickboxing make you safer in whatever situations arise, but it can also make you more confident as you walk down the street or carry yourself on a daily basis. Because you know that you can handle anything thrown your way, you’ll have a lot less to worry about.


Who Can Participate in Annapolis Kickboxing?


Just about anybody can participate in Muay Thai kickboxing here in Annapolis. As long as you are healthy enough for physical activity, you can start learning kickboxing. We’ve worked with a variety of people, so whether you are looking to improve your conditioning and lose weight or simply learn martial arts, we can help you out.

Often, people who could not stick with other exercise programs end up loving Annapolis Kickboxing, because it is a lot more fun and engaging. You can get a great workout and improve your conditioning without having to do anything boring like running on a treadmill.

If you live near Annapolis and kickboxing sounds like fun to you, give us a call or come on out and give it a try. We’ll help you hit the ground running regardless of your current fitness or skill level. From there, you’ll be able to push yourself to improve and get fit while also competing with others and enjoying the camaraderie of the setting.


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 Annapolis Kickboxing

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