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What You Don't Know Can And Will Hurt You!


“Give Me 5 Minutes of Your Time to Read This Web Page and I Will Tell You How to Discover the Secret Self-Defense Techniques of The Legendary Gracie Family That Have Been Used to Dominate Mixed Martial Arts Competitions Around the World, Subdue Bigger and Stronger Opponents, Transform Your Body and Get You in The Best Possible Shape of Your Life, Create Confidence, and Give You Lessons That Will Transform Your Life – Guaranteed! “


A startling fact about self defense 95% of all Self Defense situations end up on the ground.  However, ground fighting is the most neglected aspect of self defense training.  If you don’t know ground fighting, you can’t truly defend yourself in any given self defense or situation!

Dear Friend,

In today’s world with the rising crime rate, it is paramount that we as productive citizens learn to defend ourselves.  We should never be placed in a situation where a bad guy confronts us, or one of our family members, and we stand by helpless while the criminal makes you or one of your family members a crime statistic.  I’m sure you don’t want on your conscious that there was something you could of done or saying to yourself, “only if” and knowing that there was something you could of done about it.


First, Why You Should Listen To Me:

I have taught members of the Secret Service, FBI, DEA, ATF, Military, and just about every local law enforcement agency in the area.   Our teaching brings results!  Consider the following story:

As a current instructor in various forms of defense training for the military, I've come across many skilled pupils in my days. One man, will always be ingrained in my memory, because of his story and my help.

He stands at nearly 5'4" and approximately 155 lbs. During our time together on military duty, he would question me about Jiu-Jitsu and techniques on how to subdue larger opponents. With his smaller frame as a perceived weakness, he wanted to learn more ways to become confident in his restraint abilities.

After working on my specific teachings for a few weeks, he mastered the techniques. Now it was time for him to put his practice into play.

After returning from an overseas trip with the military, he went back to work with the Baltimore County Police Department. During his first week back, he was working the night shift and received a call dealing with fired gunshots. Upon arrival to the scene, he witnessed a towering 6'6" man, weighing nearly 300 lbs, standing over a motionless body.

A foot pursuit ensued for the suspected shooter and in a moment of adrenaline, the officer and offender landed in a ground battle. The suspect's overwhelming size was no match for the officer's knowledge of submission and restraint. The suspect was apprehended with ease and a dangerous criminal was taken off the streets with the help of my training.

You don't need to be the world's strongest man to terminate a physical threat. All you need is knowledge and confidence. At Garfield Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, we train you to be prepared for any threatening situation. You too can be taught the same techniques that have been proven to dominate any self-defense situation.

If you’re saying that the above story is farfetched for your situation and wont happen to you, imagine yourself face to face with:

  • A thug circling your car
  • Someone grabs you from behind and threatens your life
  • Someone that has just broken into your home

Can you handle any of these situations without freezing?


Discover Why Our Program Works For Ordinary Individuals Like You!

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Learn to Overcome any Unforeseeable Situation!

At Garfield Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Self–Defense, we conduct realistic training so that you will learn to overcome any unforeseen situation.

Learn what Garfield Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Self-Defense can do for ordinary individuals like you:

You Will Experience The Following:

  • Self-Defense –You will learn to Dominate and Destroy your adversary and render your opponent’s attacks useless with the most effective and in-demand self-defense system ever created…EVER!  You will learn to employ and defend the use of holds, chokes, throws, joint-locks, kicks, and strikes. Although students initially learn Jiu Jitsu techniques one at a time, without combining movements, the essence of Jiu Jitsu is the ability to flow quickly from one technique to another to control an attacker.  You will also learn simple and incredibly effective methods whereby you can "take out" a bigger, stronger opponent with lightening speed and end fights in seconds.  The techniques you learn may save your life one day.  You will learn sure-thing defenses to the most common methods of attacks.
  • Self-Confidence – At Garfield Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Self-Defense, we build self esteem through martial arts.  We promote a “can do” atmosphere and a heart of a Lion attitude.  Imagine walking down the street in your home town or city knowing that you can defend yourself or your loved one if anybody confronts you because you have been equipped with the tools and techniques to foresee any unforeseen self-defense situation.  Also, you will learn a host of positive mental and physical skills that will help you in work, school, home, and in life.   
  • Lose Weight – Discover what it takes to lose those extra pounds.  Get a kick butt workout and learn fat-destroying exercises that tighten your abs, reduce inches from your waistline, quadruple your energy, crank up your metabolism, transform your body, lose weight and keep the weight off.  With our extensive exercise regime, health articles, and team encouragement, I will ensure you do what it takes to do away with that unwanted weight.  This means that you will turn the clock back and fit into the clothes you used to and want to wear.  Disclaimer:  I am not responsible for the added attention you will receive from loved ones or those who never knew you existed.  Friends may tell you that you look 5 to 10 years younger.    
  • Strength –   Building strength without weights.  You will learn drills that will strengthen every part of your body and improve your balance and coordination.  These drills are specifically designed to aid in not becoming injury prone.  You will also learn through leverage that allows men or women of any size, to be able to subdue bigger opponents with ease.  You will not only have physical strength, but mental strength as well.  Your inner kindle will be lit and set ablaze.  Each session will build inner strength and fire.  As you learn new techniques, mastering the basics will equip you to be mentally and physically skilled in self-defense.   You will also improve your life force and turn your weaknesses into strengths.
  • Improved Heath – Working with our skilled instructors will certainly transform your body from the first day you walk through the door.  You will experience a trimmer frame and waistline. You will also experience a less stressful life and sleep better at night (8 hours of sleep is no longer a goal.  Its automatic.), improved flexibility that will dramatically improve your circulation, cardiovascular system, speed, agility, power, balance, decrease your risk of injury, and reduce fatigue.  Your stamina will also improve with the great exercises created to increase lung power and endurance.


What ever your martial arts needs are, we have the answer.  If you are looking to lose weight, personal protection, compete, or to get in shape, we have the answer for you.  We have a total and complete martial arts system that implement techniques from boxing, kick boxing, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, wrestling, judo and vale tudo (No holds barred fighting).  We believe in training that will build a total self defense system in you from the ground up making you the ultimate in self defense.  Do you want to push yourself to new limits? Do you want to actually reach your full potential?  What ever your needs are, we have a program for you and our instructors will bend over backwards to help you out.


Learn From The Best:

Make no mistake about it, I have traveled throughout the world and trained with the best to give you the best.  I have trained with the likes of Sharmba Mitchell (Former 2 time world welterweight boxing champion), Carlson Gracie Sr. (Trained numerous mixed martial arts world champions and has changed the martial arts world) Mario Sperry (UFC and Pride Fighter), and Murilo Bustamonte (UFC Champion and Pride Fighter)– just to name a few.  The aforementioned have instilled the best in me so that I can pass along the best to you. 


Dont Take My Word For It - See What Everyone Is Saying About Garfield Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Self Defense:


Steve Adornato

"Jon's ability to demonstrate and explain moves is second to none. He always strives to maximize each students potential, and will do everything in his power to make sure you succeed."

"For the past three years I have had the pleasure of training under Jon Garfield. When I first started training with Jon I was amazed that I kept getting submitted by someone who I outweighed by 100 lbs! I learned quickly that leverage and technique defeat strength every time. Jon's ability to demonstrate and explain moves is second to none. He always strives to maximize each students potential, and will do everything in his power to make sure you succeed. His classes are always fun and challenging at the same time creating an environment where maximum learning occurs. In my career in law enforcement the need to quickly defuse a situation with minimum force is paramount. With Jon's law enforcement background he understands this better then anyone and has given me the confidence to handle any situation. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu has changed my life and introduced me to a lot of great people along the way. More then just my instructor I consider Jon a close friend and would highly reccomend his program." Steve Adornato - Military Police Officer

Clara Henson

"I recommend his school to all my friends."



"Garfield's school is very family oriented and fun to attend. You are able to learn the art, techniques, and history of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Mixed Martial Arts in a fun comfortable environment. The instructors are very knowledgable and skilled in the art. Proper technique and safelty are consistently taught. His school in not sloppy and all about just going at each other like other schools I have looked at in the area. He is flexible with your schedule and I am able to bring my son because there is a play area. Being a single mom, that is very important for me and my busy schedule. Garfield's school is not all about making a profit, its about making and growing a family. I recommend his school to all my friends. You can even try the school for free a couple of weeks to see if its a right fit for you." Professional Swimsuit Model

Jody Presty

"Jui Jitsui has given me an exciting challenge in more ways that I have imagined and a child-like eagerness to learn."

"As a martial arts veteran of nearly 20 years I expected to ‘master’ BJJ very quickly.  I have learned through class and competition that the critical elements of success lie in the most miniscule of details.  Success is the byproduct of experience and experience comes only with patience.  Jui Jitsui has given me an exciting challenge in more ways that I have imagined and a child-like eagerness to learn." Business Owner

Doug Wasson

Mr. Jon offers such a relaxed environment for learning such a skilled/technique based art that quitting would be the last thing anyone would think of doing.


"I've only been doing Jiu Jitsu for a limited time and learning the basics for BJJ was not an easy skill for me, and I'm still working on it a lot. Personally, I believe BJJ is something that appears so simple to do but when actually learning it, most get the initail shock and think 'wow this is a lot harder than on t.v.'. Mr. Jon offers such a relaxed environment for learning such a skilled/technique based art that quitting would be the last thing anyone would think of doing. It's a testament to Jon that you can walk in a class and see such a varitey of people (size, age, and skill) and they all manage to get along together as one big, smelly family. The way Jon runs the classes, I never have to worry about there being someone in the class I can't joke around with or have to worry about getting injured against. I often joke around a bit too much in class but when I listen to the way Jon teaches and the knowledge he has and especially his ability to work to each individual's abilities, the word respect come to mind." Tae Kwon Do Instructor

Cecilian Benalcazar

After a year and a half, I'm still enjoying it!


"As a female student, I find Garfield Brazilian Jiu Jitsu classes to be a fascinating, energetic, practical workout. Every session varies with new techniques being taught and the basics reinforced. What we learn is not just a sport but some advanced self defense skills. I feel lucky to have stumbled onto this activity. First, Jon Garfield is a competent instructor that has the knowledge, patience, and teaching techniques to keep us coming back. Secondly, it's an intense workout without the monotony of a traditional gym setting. Lastly but not least importantly, is the confidence one has acquired if even in an undesirable physical predicament. After a year and a half, I'm still enjoying it!" Annapolis Business Owner

Britney Yannuzzi

"Coming to Garfield was the best decision I've ever made."


"Coming to Garfield was the best decision I've ever made. Jon has made me feel so welcomed over the past month and a half that I feel like I've known him for years. One of the things I love most about Jon is that he's hilarious. His personality and sense of humor is what makes me want to come to class every Saturday. I've learned so much in the 6 classes that I've taken. I'll try my moves on anyone that will let me. It's a great experience and an awesome class. Jon is an amazing instructor. He loves what he's doing and he especially loves teaching other people. He knows when to be serious and teach you the proper techniques but he also knows when to have fun and laugh. I'm so proud to be apart of his class and there's no where else I'd rather be. If you want to learn great fighting techniques and have a blast doing it, Garfield Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is the only place to be." College Student

Andre Alves


"Jon coming to volunteer his time and train our team has taken us from being a group of guys who just roll around to an up and coming competitive group. We could not have done it without Jon!" USNA BJJ President




There is Absolutely NO Risk to You.

I am thoroughly convinced that my program will work for you and your child that I am taking the guess work out of it and offering it to you risk FREE FOR 1 FULL MONTH. It leaves the skepticism of our work in your hands.  In addition, Ill offer you and your child the following:

  • FREE parent and kid consultation to get you assimilated with the type of activities your child will be participating in.
  • FREE 30 minute private lesson.  Once you have a firm idea of our basic training structure, Ill get your child started with a 30 minute private self-defense lesson.
  • FREE Gi (martial arts uniform)

It’s a $325.00 value, FREE!
There’s no paperwork, no annoying questionnaires and no pressure to take advantage of this opportunity.  I want all of our interested parents and kids to feel comfortable in the training and environment they’re paying for.

If at any point you decided that you’re not thoroughly convinced that my program will not give you child skills for life, just let me know and I will cancel your membership – no questions asked!  In addition, your child can keep his Gi and you will not be billed for the consultation, private lesson, and month of training.


How Do You Get Started?

1.  Call me at (410) 260-0353.
2.  E-Mail me at
3.  Stop By! (657 Old Mill Rd., Millersville, MD., 21108)
4.  Fill out the short form below and I will personally contact you!
So, what are you waiting for?  Don’t wait any longer.  You will only delay the lifesaving lessons for your child.

Yes Jon, I Want To Learn The Secret Self Defense Techniques From The Legendary Gracie Family That Have Been Used to Dominate Martial Arts Competitions Around The World, Subdue Bigger and Stronger Opponents, Transform My Body, and Learn Skills That Could One Day Save My Life.

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P.S. If you are wondering why I am offering $325.00 worth of FREE saving to you, it is because I am convinced that my program will work for ordinary individuals like you.  I am also on a mission to change the lives of people in my community through martial arts.  So, I urge you to take advantage of this golden opportunity and try my program FREE FOR 1 FULL MONTH and see for yourself the drastic impact that Jiu-Jitsu will have on your life.  Therefore, there is absolutely no way you can lose – except by not taking me up on my offer.

P.S.S.  Space is limited and filling up fast.  Therefore, I urge you to act immediately. Please respond promptly if you would like to take advantage of this golden opportunity.  I urge you to take action today.  Your life depends on it.  You and I both know that if you’ve read this far into this letter, you are seriously interested in learning skills that could one day save your life.

P.S.S.S.   Please remember your FREENO RISK TRIAL is exactly that, TOTALLY FREE to you and without risk whatsoever.  In fact, the only way you could incur any risk from this is to not take advantage of it whatsoever and thus depriving you of the greatest opportunity you have just discovered.

I look forward to working with you.




Jon Garfiled

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt

657 Old Mill Rd., Millersville, MD. 21108

 (410) 260-0353



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