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3 Dec 07

Each year, Garfield Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu picks a family that isn't as fortuanate as us to give gifts to for the Christmas holiday. We have already picked and spoken to a family. If you would like to donate anything to this family, please contact me regarding details.


8 Nov 07

The competition team is looking good. They will be competing in NAGA on 17 Nov. This event will take place in Newark, NJ. Click here to see members of the competition team. If you are interested in going to support the team, please contact me for details regarding travel arrangements.



4 Nov 07


Mike tried to keep his birthday a secret. I can only assume so that he wouldn't receive any extra love from the class. When you see him, ensure to tap him for each year of his birth! :)



26 Nov 07

A few weeks ago, the kids had a mountain climber contest. I told them I would post the top three results on the website and in the newsletter. Here are their results:

1st Place - Amanda 32 Mountain Climbers

2nd Place - Andrew 20 Mountain Climbers

3rd Place - Mikey 6 Mountain Climbers

Also at 3rd Place - Brandon 6 Mountain Climbers


Great Job!!!



6 Oct 07

Tournament Results: Grapplers Quest, North American Championship

Bremer - 1st Place (No Gi)

Katheryn - 1st Place (No Gi), 2nd Place (Gi), 1st Place Absolute (No Gi)

Lil Mikey - 3rd Place (No Gi)



12 Sep 07

Last night class was good. Techniques were geared toward defenses for the Big Hector attack. :)

Here are a few pics from class:



Also, check out the before and after Garfield Jiu-Jitsu experince photo of Chris "The Crippler" Leben.

Before Garfield Jiu-Jitsu
After Garfield Jiu-Jitsu
Justin Leben

Just joking! The before picture is of our new student, Justin Anderson. The majority of the class agrees that he resembles Leben. Therefore, he has been nicknamed, "The Crippler".



29 Aug 07

I accompanied Big Steve this morning while he boarded the bus on his way to the airport for Iraq. He asked that I say good-bye to everyone for him.

He wanted to ensure that I gave his e-mail address to everyone.



27 Aug 07

New Blog


This will be the new location of my blog. I was having techniqual difficulties with the last one. Please keep checking for the lastest and greatest regarding the inside events of Garfield Jiu-Jitsu.

FYI, in case you didnt know, Big Steve will be leaving for Iraq on Wednesday. I will post his e-mail address within the next few weeks for those of you that wish to keep in contact with him.

See you on the mat.

Jiu-Jitsu Jon

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