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They Laughed When I Placed My Daughter Into My Martial Arts Program, But Their Laughter Turned to Amazement Once She Learned to Defend Herself, Became A Straight A Student, and Is On Her Way to Picking The College of Her Choice!


Discover how to give your kid the most powerful gift ever!



Hi, my name is Jon Garfield and Im a proud parent just like you.

Ill do anything to see the safe welfare and development of my kids.  We would love to be able to watch over them 24 hours a day/7 days a week to ensure they make the best choices and to protect them against negative forces that confronts them in life.  However, we both know that’s impractical.  We can only arm them with the tools to aid them in combating these kinds of negative forces.

In today’s world, your child shouldn’t have to endure fear or cruelty, bullying, peer pressure, and etc.  By learning my system, I help give children added confidence and self-esteem to combat ignorant forces, with self-defense as a last resort.
This is a critical aspect of the course, because I understand that violence is never the answer to a positive result. I also understand that children must be taught the proper lessons to counter intimidating forces within the confines of today's peer pressured society.


First, Why You Should Listen To Me:

Warning: Dont Let This Happen To Your Child!

I have been the victim of a vicious bullying act.  I say I was the victim also because if a child is the victim, so is the parent.  It hurt me emotionally and physically.  My daughter was assaulted by a huge kid.  The bully was a star football player and wrestler.  He was also physically intimidating.  He towered over her 5 foot, 95 pound frame at 6’2” at 220 lbs.  She was taunted, threatened, and eventually assaulted by him.  As a result, her grades fell, her self esteem plummeted, and her all around demeanor wasn’t good.  As a parent, I was crushed.  I thought that I had done everything in her life to protect her.  I was wrong.  As an answer to all of this, I placed her into my kids program.  I have to be honest.  At first, I was even skeptical about it all.  I even told a few friends of my intentions of placing her into my program and designed it in a manner that would solve all of her problems and not just teach her self defense.  They laughed at me and told me that it wouldn’t work and I should seek other options.  I told them what confidence would I have in my own program if I couldn’t place my own kids into it not knowing if it would work.  Now, I have the last laugh because she has become a straight A student (from which she was making average grades), she walks with her head up and chest out, and is on her way to receiving a full college scholarship to the learning institution of her choice.  I have also placed my other kids into the program.  The only regret I have is not designing and getting her into the program sooner.

Once I seen how successful this was for my daughter, I placed my other kids into my program. If it is good enough for them, it is good enough for you also!


Who Else Wants A Successful Child?


Discover Why Our Program Works For Your Child!

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Whats the most powerful gift you can give a child? CONFIDENCE!

They will grow up and become the person they were meant to be! Your child will learn to trust fully in themselvs. They will learn to trust their own abilites and to overcome barriers and obstacles and to get up again when they fail and learn from that failure and press on. Hard work and persistence will get them through. They will be armed with the tools that willl supercharge their path to happiness and success.

Even if your child is involved in team sports, it isn’t enough.  Recent studies show that programs like ours that focus on personal achievement are vastly more effective than team sports and are directly linked to better grades in school!

Here at Garfield Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Self-Defense, we don’t believe in just teaching children to Grapple.  We build character and self-esteem.  During classes, we instill the Heart of a Lion attitude in your kid that promotes confidence that will result in a strong and confident kid.  We’re not just talking about physical strength, but the kind of strength it takes to resist peer pressure, combat bullies, and other negative aspects of life.

Within a few days of your child being in our program, you’ll begin to notice a new kind of discipline emerging, the kind that will positively affect all areas of your child’s life.  You’ll notice an increased respect for others, and most importantly, for themselves. 


Your Child Will Also Learn:

  • Confidence - The most powerful gift you can give a child! Your child will gain confidence and self-esteem with their new found Jiu-Jitsu techniques. Confidence will allow their personality to surface and shine.
  • Grade Improvement - Becoming a Jiu-Jitsu student also means getting better grades in school. It has been proven that kids who study Jiu-Jitsu have longer attention spans, can set short and long term goals. They also learn respect, discipline and responsibility. They learn gratitude, loyalty, the importance of staying in school and keeping their bodies healthy and drug free. Every child learns to follow directions, pay attention, participate in class activities and work as a team. These skills help them to become better students and do better in school.
  • Coordination and Increased Fitness - Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu challenges the entire body, developing coordination, balance, timing, agility and poise. These traits are often neglected and not fully developed in team sports. By starting children in Jiu-Jitsu they learn how to fall properly, and how to initiate movement patterns that are inherent to life and any sport they may choose.
  • Leadership Skills and Discipline - In Jiu-Jitsu, kids are ranked (similiar to the military) in a belt system (white, yellow, orange, and green) and within these belts they will earn stripes (4 degrees per belt). The belt system allows your child to set long-term goals (becoming a black belt) and short-term goals, such as being able to execute a new technique they learned in class, or achieving their next degree or belt. It will also teach them to be responsible for their own actions and use their time wisely. These qualities will help your child be a leader and not a follower. Thus, it will guarentee their success in life!
  • Bullying Busting - Your child will learn how to effectively deal with bullying so he can feel confident and safe while in school or at other activities.
  • Personalized Attention - Your child's individual needs will be met. We understand that each child learns differently or have different challenges and we ensure those needs are met.


Here are a few unanswered questions you may have:

  1. Why Brazilian (Gracie) Jiu-Jitsu for Kids as the Best method of Self-Defense? Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is an art of leverage and not strength inabling a smaller practioner to subdue a larger and more stronger opponent. This makes it possible for children to excel no matter their size or athletic ability.
  2. Why Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu as opposed to other martial arts for kids? It is ideal to diffusing school fights. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (Jiu-Jitsu translates as the gentle arts) is an art that uses grappling and submission techniques and enables practitioners to subdue their opponents without the use of punching and kicking thus eliminating the need to use excessive force in real-life self-defense situations. Nobody has to get hurt with Jiu-Jitsu. The idea of "tapping out" during training allows the students to keep their training realistic, yet safe.


Dont Take My Word For It - See What Everyone Is Saying About Garfield Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Self Defense:


Dalton and Rob

"we can tell you to look no further and COME TO CLASS. You will like what you see."

"As parents my wife and I have tried to instill a sense of discipline, respect and confidence in our child. We have tried to meet this challenge by ensuring our son has an active life filled with activities such as soccer, football, and martial arts. We are glad to testify that Garfield Jui Jitsu provides an active hoalistic approach which provides an atmosphere of teaching emphasizing many of these traits. John Garfield’s patience and understanding will instill the martial arts spirit into your child while avoiding the ostentatious display of martial arts found in many Dojo’s of today. As a parent you may search the Annapolis/Baltimore area for a Jui Jitsu Dojo in which to enroll your child. Based off our current experience we can tell you to look no further and COME TO CLASS. You will like what you see." - Navy Commisioned Officer

Jill and Trevor

"I would advise anyone who is interested in self defense, getting physically fit, and having a good time try Jon’s class."


"I have been bringing my son, Trevor, to Jiu-Jitsu for about 3 months. Not only does he thoroughly enjoy it but so do I. I love the atmosphere. The joking around that takes place during the teaching makes everyone feel included while the attention to the lesson is still present. Trevor has played many sports over the years from baseball to basketball to football. I haven’t seen the dedication and commitment to any other sport like Trevor has for this one. The results for Trevor are obvious; confidence and become more physically fit are just a few. This sport really challenges Trevor. Trevor’s 15 year old sister has come in, tried it out, and loved it also. If you are interested in finding out more I would strongly recommend you take the time to come in and check out Jon’s classes." - Elementary School Teacher


"My name is Trevor. I have been learning Jiu-Jitsu for about 3 months. I really like going to class and working with my instructors. Jon and Mike are not only my instructors, they are my role models. They have nick named me ‘Captain Softy”. It’s a lot of fun. I like the fact that we can joke around in this great learning environment and yet still learn Jiu-Jitsu. The class has helped me with my self confidence and getting physically fit. All the moves we learn are for self defense. I would advise anyone who is interested in self defense, getting physically fit, and having a good time try Jon’s class." - Middle School Student

Ken, Garrett, and Logan

"The values that Jon Garfield instills in and demands from the kids in his classes have already changed my sons' lives for the better."

"I've been bringing my two sons (ages 6 & 7) to the Lion Cubs Kids Classes at Garfield Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu for a few months now. The values that Jon Garfield instills in and demands from the kids in his classes have already changed my sons' lives for the better. They've gained a sense of confidence, self-descipline, and respect for others that simply was not there before training with Jon. Because of Jon, my sons have made dramatic improvement in their elementary school work. Equally important to the success of his Lion Cubs Kids Classes is the fact that Jon is great at motivating the kids and making the classes fun. My sons absolutely love the classes and are always asking me when we are coming back for the next one!" Lawyer




There is Absolutely NO Risk to You.

I am thoroughly convinced that my program will work for you and your child that I am taking the guess work out of it and offering it to you risk FREE FOR 1 FULL MONTH. It leaves the skepticism of our work in your hands.  In addition, Ill offer you and your child the following:

  • FREE parent and kid consultation to get you assimilated with the type of activities your child will be participating in.
  • FREE 30 minute private lesson.  Once you have a firm idea of our basic training structure, Ill get your child started with a 30 minute private self-defense lesson.
  • FREE Gi (martial arts uniform)

It’s a $325.00 value, FREE!
There’s no paperwork, no annoying questionnaires and no pressure to take advantage of this opportunity.  I want all of our interested parents and kids to feel comfortable in the training and environment they’re paying for.

If at any point you decided that you’re not thoroughly convinced that my program will not give you child skills for life, just let me know and I will cancel your membership – no questions asked!  In addition, your child can keep his Gi and you will not be billed for the consultation, private lesson, and month of training.


How Do You Get Started?

1.  Call me at (410) 260-0353.
2.  E-Mail me at
3.  Stop By! (657 Old Mill Rd., Millersville, 21108)
4.  Fill out the short form below and I will personally contact you!

So, what are you waiting for?  Don’t wait any longer.  You will only delay the lifesaving lessons for your child.

Yes Jon! I Want My Child to Get Better Grades in School, Learn to Defend Himself, and Become The Person He Is Meant To Be!!!

First Name
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Note: I hate spam. I will never give or sell your e-mail address or phone number to a third party nor will I use it outside of its intended purpose.

P.S. If you are wondering why I am offering $325.00 worth of FREE savings to you, it is because I am a parent myself and I also look for savings for my children.  I am also on a mission to change the lives of people in my community through martial arts.  So, I urge you to take advantage of this golden opportunity and try my program FREE FOR 1 FULL MONTH and see for yourself the drastic increases of confidence in your child’s life.  Therefore, there is absolutely no way you can lose – except by not taking me up on my offer. 
P.S.S.  Space is limited and filling up fast.  Therefore, I urge you to act immediately. Please respond promptly if you would like to take advantage of this opportunity.  I urge you to take action today.  You and your kids life depends on it.  You and I both know that if you’ve read this far into this letter, you are seriously interested in your child learning skills that will last him a lifetime.

P.S.S.S.   Please remember your FREENO RISK TRIAL is exactly that, TOTALLY FREE to you and without risk whatsoever.  In fact, the only way you could incur any risk from this is to not take advantage of it whatsoever and thus depriving your child of the greatest success advantage that your child may have the opportunity to discover.
I look forward working with you and your child.




Jon Garfiled

Garfield Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Mixed Martial Arts

(410) 260-0353

657 Old Mill Rd., Millersville, Md., 21108


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